Trial Services in Chicago

You’ve worked hard to prove your case, so let us help you win!

CaRR’s skilled trial team presents an impressive resume with experience in pretrial summary judgments, Marksmen hearings, mock trials, arbitrations, mediations and more! Not to mention, our trial team has contributed to billions of dollars in winning judgments in an array of cases!

Preparation is key.  Our trial consultants will work one on one with your team while understanding your unique needs and presentation styles. During pre-trial planning, all equipment and logistical details are discussed, and our designers will work with you to prepare graphics to strengthen your presentations. Graphic consultants will also provide recommendations on tools that will most effectively display the complex message you’re striving to deliver.

Behind the scenes, our consultants are available to help calm nerves in the War Room with presentation run-throughs and witness prep. As we all know, technology has a mind of its own at times, so that’s checked for readiness as well! During the trial, you’ll be well equipped with a database of exhibits, graphics, transcripts and clips that our consultants can easily pull up as your case is constantly developing.  And for added comfort, our trial consultants will be right there at your side, proactively prepared for anything that you need!

We won’t leave you high and dry at the end of trial! Our consultants will make sure that all equipment is broken down and shipped back to where it belongs, as well as archiving all data. And as a parting gift, we will be more than happy to provide briefs with interactive links to testimony and exhibits!