Courtroom Interpretation & Translation in Chicago

Farsi, Faroese, and Tagalog may all seem like uncommon languages and a hurdle for your case, but it’s no problem for us.

Whether you need an interpreter for a trial, arbitration, mediation, deposition or meeting, Planet Depos can assist! Just as our reporters are vetted and pre-qualified to ensure accuracy, we take our team of interpreters through the same process. Interpreters are pre-assigned to cases based on subject matter knowledge and experience with specific cultural distinctions.

While we have a network of interpreters that can provide simultaneous interpretation (orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker), most legal proceedings require consecutive interpretation. Consecutive interpretation occurs when the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish the sentence and then conveys the words into the target language.

For added accuracy and speed, realtime reporting to iPads and laptops is also available during interpretation. Not only does it allow the interpreter to more accurately translate the question presented to the witness, but it also allows both parties to have the benefit of seeing the question presented before and during the answer.

Translation services are also available to those who need assistance with legal documents.  All translations undergo a quality control check to ensure accuracy.